Prompt! Version history

Version 7.5.02
March 2013(minor)
Fixed a bug where TABS were not always saved.
Version 7.5.01
November 2012 (minor)
Revised Characterset defaults for easier multi-language text import.
Tweak for Mac OS 10.8
Version 7.5
August 2011 (Major)
Unicode/Multi-language support.
Dual monitor support (flipped/unflipped or unflipped/unflipped).
More resolution choices.
New graphics and code engine.
Native Intel based Mac support and PPC support via Rosetta on OS 10.5 ~ 10.6.8
Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) support.
Larger font sizes (30 - 130) and choice of installed fonts.
Optional black background
Preferences can be saved and/or reset
Type justification (Left, Center or Right)
Version 7.0
JULY 2007(Major)
-Scrolling engine completely rewritten to work with a larger amount of text in mirrored and non-mirrored modes.
-Smoothness setting rewritten to accommodate faster and slower processors. (From 999 to 5)
-Smoothness setting can be adjusted while not scrolling at the top of file in scroll mode.
-Font size, screen size, smoothness and screen position automatically saved as default.
-Larger font sizes. 24 to 78 supported.
-Dialogue boxes are centered - cosmetic.
-Text export (Mac only) now carries the "txt" suffix

Version 6.1.2
January 2007
Faster processors may yield an error with Prompt! when not scrolling. This has been fixed in this release.
Version 6.1.1
Feburary 2005 - Maintenance release
Version 6.0
January 2005
Prompt! comes in two applications. Prompt on black covers the monitor(s) with a black mask and eliminates the chance of changing applications while using the application and Prompt, the other application, is a floating window and does not draw black on other monitors allowing you to open other applications easily. Using both applications at the same time is not recommended. Prompt! now is compatible with most PowerPoint/Keynote wireless remote control units. Prompt now sells for $44.00
Version 4.0
July 2003
Saves in it's own format. Free for visitors to
January 2004 prompt goes online selling for $22.00
Version 3.02
November 2002
Macintosh and PC versions
Version 1 and 2 developed for in house use at a video studio

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